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What our clients say

"Freeway are responsive, provide the services we need and are a partner we can trust”
- Pathé Productions Limited

Loving Vincent
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Song of the Sea
The Queen
White God
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

“Since selecting Freeway as Eurimages’ main partner for collection account management in 2009, we have learned to count on their consistent professionalism.  Eurimages supports projects developed by independent producers with complex financing structures involving multiple and multinational financiers with widely varying requirements.

Freeway’s team has always been able to find solutions suitable for each project and has been actively involved in explaining and demonstrating the advantages of collection accounts for European independent producers. Moreover, Freeway’s high level services ensure timely reporting and money transfers.”

Roberto Olla, Executive Director, Eurimages

“Film4 is proud to have introduced many of the UK’s most inspiring filmmakers to audiences worldwide including the Oscar® and BAFTA-winning hits Slumdog Millionaire and 12 Years A Slave.  Freeway’s meticulous business practice gives us the confidence that our revenue reconciliation and collection account management will be consistently handled efficiently across multi-partner, multi-national agreements maximising our revenues and enabling us to invest in more films and filmmakers.”

Harry Dixon, Head of Film Finance, Film4

“We have worked with Freeway since they set up and, from the start, Freeway have provided first class revenue collection and management of our collection and licensing arrangements.  Freeway are responsive, provide the services we need and are a partner we can trust.”

Pierre du Plessis, Deputy Managing Director, Pathé Productions Limited

“Since setting up Mister Smith Entertainment in 2012, Freeway has provided us with the highest level of guidance and expertise, alongside consistently robust and transparent services including collection account management. Our partnership with Freeway is pivotal in our aim to deliver high-quality mainstream feature films and filmmaker driven movies to the global market.

I think that at the heart of Freeway’s success is the fact that their senior management team have a really comprehensive knowledge of content holders’ rights and needs.  We’ve always found them to be responsive, and quick to grasp our business needs for each title agreement.

That kind of understanding saves time and makes Freeway’s services something we come back to time and again, for speed and efficiency as well as for their exceptional professionalism and dedication.”

Dan Fisher, Chief Operating Officer, Mister Smith Entertainment